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2012 Calendar
December 31, 2012 Happy New Year form Elm Watch's Baldwin Hill Elm. This elm was originally protected in 1999 as the premier EW Heritage Elm in conjunction with the Berkshire Natural Resources Council's preservation of this pristine upland agricultural landscape. In 2012 the BNRC significantly added to conservation land on Baldwin Hill. Baldwin Hill Elm
December, 2012 Overview of the past two years of Elm Watch achievements and awards are described in 2012 appeal letter. Donations may be sent to Elm Watch, PO Box 655, Great Barrington, MA 01230. Thank you. Friends of Elm Watch
December, 2012, Falls Village, CT The Arboretum and Landscape Committee of the Housatonic Valley Regional High School voted to acquire state of the art GIS software to map the spread of invasive plants on the 50 acre campus. The program will be incorporated into the curriculum and the map will be updated by students. This will be an essential tool for the management and eradication of invasives on the campus. Student and ALC member, Christian Allyn created a schematic map of the campus.
October Storm, 2012, Sharon, CT Superstorm Sandy toppled one of the iconic Twin Oaks in Sharon, Ct. This cultural landscape, appreciated by artists and hikers alike, was preserved in 1998. Tom Zetterstrom's letter to the editor in 1997 nudged Land Trusts to protect this extraordinary viewshed. Photo and article in Lakeville Journal, 11.8.12
October 25, 2012, Storrs, CT The Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group gathered at UConn for their day-long invasive symposium. Presentations by top researchers were made to a sold out crowd. Tom Zetterstrom represented Elm Watch. Failure with invasives=lower diversity, unstable, less productive environments
September, 2012 Champion Trees of North Canaan are being inventoried and photographed by Tom Zetterstrom and HVRHS senior, Christian Allyn. The champion sycamore is 60 inches in diameter. Tom Zetterstrom applies Triclopyr foliar spray to leaves of Bittersweet vines.
August 22, Berkshire County Survivor Elm Search In cooperation with the US Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy, Elm Watch has been assisting in identifying 'Survivor Elms' for DED (Dutch Elm Disease) resistance testing. In March of 2013, cuttings will be taken from these trees. Ultimately it is hoped that successful cultivars will be reintroduced in to bottomland forests throughout New England. Berkshire Eagle article 8.22.12
August, 2012, Egremont, MA The introduction of invasive plants, at first stealth in the landscape, then explodes exponentially to strangle and envelop the canopy of small and large trees. Light is cut off and even specimen trees die. Birds carry the seeds of Oriental Bittersweet Vines. While the Baldwin Hill Elm has been protected from the invasive Dutch Elm Disease fungus since 1999, Elm Watch's premier adopted elm is now threatened by bittersweet vines which have been observed at its base derived no doubt from its dominance in the hedgerows of the surrounding agricultural fields. Tom Zetterstrom applies Triclopyr foliar spray to leaves of Bittersweet vines.
August, 2012, Egremont, MA The Baldwin Hill Elm is macro-injected by arborists from Haupt Tree Company. Erik Haupt has contributed this service on our flagship elm since the formation of Elm Watch in 1999. Macro injection of fungicide into the 45 inch diameter specimen elm
July, 2012, Salisbury, CT Triclopyr herbicide at 1% is utilized in a highly targeted application to Bittersweet infestation one month after mowing. Native Habitat Restoration specializes in invasive control
July, 2012 Lenox The Ventfort Hall Elm, planted 2004 in memory of Andrew Howit, is remulched by Sally Begley and Tom Z. mulched and well pruned elm at Ventfort Hall
June, 2012, Litchfield County Initial day of Survival elm data was collected for The Nature Conservancy by Tom Zetterstrom and TNC intern, Michelle Grohe. Cuttings will be taken in March from selected elms for use in USDA Forest Service tests on Dutch elm disease (DED) resistance, Data sheet on suspected 'survivor' elms.
May 24, 2012 Salisbury's first Town Park is Washinee, and many its arboretum planted trees have succumbed to rapid establishment of invasive oriental bittersweet vines. Tom Zetterstrom spearheaded the creation of Friends of Washinee Park. Objectives of Friends of Washinee Park
May 7, 2012, Canaan, CT Selectman reports adoption of a Canaan Depot tree protection plan, 'created with the help of tree expert and North Canaan Resident Tom Zetterstrom.' Detailed Tree Protection Plan
April 27, 2012 The 22nd Arbor Day at North Canaan Elementary School Children's Arboretum hosted by Fifth Grade and organized by Tom Zetterstrom. Male and Female Persimmons planted as Class of 2015 Trees. Included tree poems by students and Arbor Day Song by Tree Warded Corey Bush. Lakeville Journal article, May 3, 2012
April 24, 2012, New Haven, CT Documentary by Karyl Evans "New Haven Green, Heart of a City" premieres at Yale University, includes Tom Zetterstrom commenting on the Elms of the Green. Go to New Haven Garden Club web site for ordering, real deal $15. Interview still shot
March 30, 2012, Canaan, CT Example of a well pruned elm with a dominant leader on Rail Road Street. High canopy will develop far above the trains
March 29, 2012, Stockbridge, MA The Princeton elm at the Berkshire Botanical Garden was planted in 2003. Many low level large leaders were allowed to develop. Now Tom Zetterstrom is in the process of deselecting and reducing competing leaders and favoring the central leader. This process will occur over the next few years. Using pole saw to reduce
March, 2012 Valley Forge American elms have high DED resistance but vigorous grown and spreading crown from requires reduction pruning and use of splints to train structure upward. It is said that mature elm form is classic. Reduction of over-extended Valley Forge growth in young trees
March, 2012, Salisbury, CT Severe storm damage took out the center leader of this elm. Here straps are used to train lateral branch to take over as the dominant leader. This is done in conjunction with reduction of other competing branches Ratchet strap used to draw side leader toward center of tree
March, 2012 Tom Zetterstrom inspects upper branch unions and leader crotches, then makes reduction cuts to reduce risk of future branch failure. Reshaping the Crown, Kiefer Elm in Salisbury
February, 2012 Reintroduction of the American elm adds scenic value to our rural roads but young elms require appropriate pruning during first ten years. Selleck Hill Road elms in Salisbury, CT
February, 2012 In recognition of the Massachusetts State Tree, and the half-century effort to preserve the American elm in the Berkshire landscape, Elm Watch has arranged for USDA research geneticist to determine the cultivar of the Monument Valley Elm planted in 1963. Elm pruning and care are planned in anticipation of its 50th anniversary 1963 Elm Plaque at Monument Mountain High School
Jan-Feb, 2012 Working with the Arboretum and Landscape Committee, Elm Watch advocates for a Memorial Grove at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and proposes the planting of two American elms from the FFA Elm Nursery. Map of proposed Memorial Grove
January, 2012 Public Trees deserve protection during excavation and construction. Elm Watch works with towns and encourages incorporation of USDA Successful Tree Protection Plans. Most recently we advocated for tree protection at the historic Canaan Depot. USDA Successful Tree Protection
2011 Calendar
December 21, 2011 As a result of Elm Watch's email initiative and meetings in Washington, DC, the US Forest Service, Forest Parhologist and FS National Project Manager have agreed to monitor and map the distribution of Elm Yellows. This disease is prevalent in the mid-west, has recently had devastating impact on the elms of Penn State College, and is noticed occasionally in our area. The distribution map has not been updated for 25 years. Elm Yellows distribution map project
December, 2011 Great Barrington Tree Committee become an official town committee. Elm Watch initiated the effort to form a committee in November of 2010 and nurtured its formation over several months. We look forward to working with the committee on Main Street tree plans and other projects in the future. Reviewing Main Street Plans at January, 2012 meeting.
November/December Following the October Snow Storm, Tom Zetterstrom pruned damaged elms with Townscape of Millerton, NY chairman, Chris Kennan. In addition, retraining required cabling to draw main stem back to vertical position. Polishing rip break with chain saw to promote proper healing.
November 13, 2011 Old Saybrook Tree Warden, William Peace, describes a technique for raising sidewalk sections with slurry injection which avoids damage to roots of the town's Heritage Elm. Elm Watch toured newly planted and Heritage Elms throughout the town and offered suggestions for future plantings. Adjusting sidewalk alignment.
October 28th Snow Storm, 2011 Fall foliage was still abundant in late October when 17 inches of heavy snow fell. Mature elms were not affected but many species still holding their leaves were damaged. Many young trees including elms suffered significant damage, such as loss of major leaders and compromising rip breaks. Corrective pruning and retraining will proceed during the coming winter months. Princeton American elm planted in 2003.
October 27, 2011 Hartord Courant article appears on American elms in the cultural landscape. Cites the work of Elm Watch. Remaining Elms Hint At Tree's Elegant Past
Documentary film on the elms of the New Haven Green
Tom Zetterstrom is interviewed in October about the historic elms on the Green for a film sponsored by the Garden Club of New Haven. The film will Premier in April, 2012.
James Hillhouse planted the first elms on the Green in the 1790's
September-December, 2011 EW coordinateded public and private support for the restoration of the WWI Memorial Grove of various tree species in Washinee Park, Salisbury's first town park. Eradication of invasive bittersweet vines is paramount as the vines have fallen more than a dozen historic trees. First Selectman, Curtis Rand, Forest and Park Commissioners and Native Habitat Restoration specialists discuss invasive control techniques. Town officials walk through park with fallen trees in background.
August 25, 2011 Housatonic Valley Regional High School Arboretum Committee, meets at 3 PM to review expansion of the 'Teaching Arboretum' to include a conifer collection, an acid soil plant collection and an ornamental collection. The current arboretum places an emphasis on the collection of Shade Trees, sponsored by various Classes. 2007 Map of HVRHS teaching arboretum
August 20, 2011 In 2002 Elm Watch planted a disease resistant elm on the grounds of the Hancock Shaker Village. On August 20, Zetterstrom will return to HSV to present a lecture at 2 PM describing the rich history of the American elm in New England and contemporary use of elms in sustainable community forestry designs. Flyer of Hancock Shaker Village Elm Lecture
July 28, 2011 Beloved science teacher was memorialized with the planting of a Sassafras tree, which become the 35th tree species at the North Canaan Children's Arboretum. The tree was sponsored by five members of the Class of 1962 who accompanied their teacher, Thomas Glennon, on a road trip to Alaska in that year. Tom Zetterstrom describes the characteristics of Memorial Tree
July 20, 2011 Elm Watch organized macro injection of Heritage elms like this 45 inch diameter tree on West Main St in Canaan. This procedure provides substantial protection from Dutch Elm Disease for a period of 3 years and is then repeated. About one percent of New England's former street elms still survive. Photo of elm macro-injection with Arbotect
June, 2011 Years in the design phase, the newly planted storm water capture municipal parking lot in Canaan is now functioning as designed. Tom Zetterstrom and horticultural consultant, Daphne Drury, selected 16 species of water adaptable trees, including elms. The objective is to transform a parking lot into a shade tree park of high canopy trees, which is now often referred to as green infrastructure. These trees will also intercept rainwater runoff before it enterers the nearby brook. Green Infrastructure takes root in Municipal Parking Lot
May 13, 2011 Pruning of Princeton elms can be a challenge due to their tendency to develop cluster branching rather than sequential leader development from the main leader. Tom Zetterstrom examined the 88 Princeton elms which were planted on Pennsylvania Avenue in 2005 and explained to National Park Service the risk of branch failure and future need for cabling in elms with vulnerable branch structure. Zetterstrom with Pennsylvania Avenue elms
May 12, 2011 Following his examination of 'elm collections' at the Missouri Botanical Garden, The Morton Arboretum, and the USDA Forest Service Ohio Research Station, Zetterstrom leads discussion about the elms structural and disease vulnerabilities on the National Mall and on Pennsylvania Avenue with Smithsonian and National Park Service horticulturists Reviewing elms on the National Mall
April 30, 2011 Tom Zetterstrom accepts the 2011 Public Awareness of Trees Award for his Elm Watch and Portraits of American Trees endeavors from the National Arbor Day Foundation, in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Arbor Day Award article in the Lakeville Journal
April 29, 2011 North Canaan Elementary School Children's Arboretum added two American Hornbeams to replace two non-native and invasive Norway Maples which were in serious decline. Fifth grade students hosted the event and read their winning tree poems. Lakeville Journal article, May 5, 2011
March and April, 2011 Structural elm pruning rotated in 2011 to dozens of elms in Pittsfield, Lenox, Stockbridge, Egremont, Canaan, Salisbury, Lakeville, Falls Village, Millerton. The objective is to select for a dominant leader with sequential branch unions and to avoid narrow cluster branching which is so common in Princeton American elm cultivars and can lead to branch failure in the future. Zetterstrom prunes elm at Hancock Shaker Village which was planted in 2002
February-May 2011 Elm Watch leads a national email network of elm researchers and advocates called Elm Collaborators. One recent email dialogue focused on a disease that afflicts elms in the mid-west but appears infrequently in our region at present, Elm Yellows. We have encouraged the USDA Forest Health Specialist to coordinate monitoring and update their map showing distribution of the disease. Elm Yellows distribution map
January- April 2011 Gt Barrington Tree Committee with the assistance of Elm Watch, formulates priorities for spring projects culminating in the planting of an American elm on Arbor Day. The group continues to develop a site specific list of recommended trees for the pending Main Street Project. Main Street sub committee analyzing Main Street Plans
January 15, 2011 Hamilton College Arboretum hosts two part lecture by Tom Zetterstrom, an American Elm Overview, and Pruning Techniques for Various Elm Cultivars. Lecture program
2010 Calendar
November 23, 2010 In a letter to the Great Barrington Board of Selectmen, Elm Watch initiated action which resulted in the formation of the GB Tree Committee. With a core group of six design and horticulture professionals, several projects have been undertaken including Arbor Day plantings, tree maintenance, Main Street tree planning and residential street tree site mapping. Letter to Great Barrington Selectmen
September 24, 2010 Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park, Woodstock, VT, sponsored by UVM Extension and NPS: Tom Zetterstrom lectures on history of elm, and best elm restoration practices. Dr. James Slavicek, USDA Forest Service, reveals leading research on next generation of American elm cultivars. Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park/UVM program
June 11, 2010 The Garden Club of America awards Elm Watch the Club Horticulture Commendation, "For pioneering the preservation and restoration of the American Elm and for educating the public about the elm and the value of the community forest." Garden Club of America Award
April 30, 2010 Arbor Day is a celebration of trees, launched in 1872 and coordinated by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Local tree planting is encouraged. This year North Canaan Elementary School will celebrate its 20th Arbor Day, with a planting and the placement of identification signs in its Children's Arboretum comprised of 25 native trees. NCES Arboretum Map
February/March, 2010 Pruning Season. Pruning is now recognized as an important "next phase of Elm Restoration." Elm Watch is pruning and training 150 elms in two dozen communities and campuses, working with Tree Wardens, landscapers and arborists to encourage best techniques. Because of the rapid growth rate of elms, biannual and even annual pruning is recommended. Download Pruning Young Elms lecture description.
January, 2010 Pruning Young Elms, a 96 page manual for citizens and professionals describing proper technique to achieve strong branch unions, optimal height of main stem and durable crown architecture. Profusely illustrated, with many photos by Tom Zetterstrom. Zetterstrom also provided peer review of the manuscript and fostered a wide circle of support for this publication from elm advocates throughout the United States. Published by University of Minnesota, by Chad Giblin, cost $14. via email: gibli002@umn.edu Pruning Young Elms cover
2009 Calendar
November 13, 2009 Tom Zetterstrom, keynote speaker, 12th Annual Trees in the Urban Landscape Symposium, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston (Worcester), MA. Zetterstrom presents "Return of the American Elm to the Community Forest" and "Pruning Young Elms." Also programs on the "Next Generation of Elms" and "Elm Planting Demo." Go to http://www.towerhillbg.org/thwebdir.html Tower Hill Elm Symposium speakers
October 9, 2009, 3 PM Elm Watch Tenth Anniversary Lecture, The Return of the American Elm, by Tom Zetterstrom at Geer Village. In 2004, 2005 and 2009 a total of twelve elms were planted to provide shade for an interior courtyard and for two parking lots. Read Lakeville Journal article, 10/15/09
July 31, 2009 Green Municipal Parking Lot completed, Canaan, CT. Elm Watch in conjunction with the Streetscape Advisory Committee developed the landscape plan, placing two American elms in the interior and twenty trees of mixed species around the perimeter. The objective is to provide shade and beauty while providing parking for 29 cars. The tree wells have high volume of topsoil to support the health, growth rate and longevity of the trees.
May 30, 2009 The Right Tree in the Right Place, illustrated lecture by Tom Zetterstrom, sponsored by Kinderhook Neighbors for Good Growth and The Garden Club of Kinderhook. 3PM at the First Presbyterian Church, 3212 Church St, Valatie, NY
April 29, 2009 The planting of two "Princeton" American elms completes the installation of an American elm allee at Geer Village in Canaan, CT
April 25, 2009 Millerton, NY, Dedication of two memorial elms in front of Simmon's Way Inn on Main Street, to enhance large shade tree canopy in town center. Sponsored by Townscape of Northeast. Millerton's champion elm on Rt. 44 East, DBH 38 inches.
April 24, 2009 Nineteenth Annual Arbor Day Planting at North Canaan Elementary School, hosted by fifth grade students, planted a Black Tupelo (or Gum), adjacent to parking lot. Nyssa sylvatica is notable for its brilliant Fall colors. Students water the Tupelo (Black Gum)
April 22, 2009 Sharon Hospital plants an American elm to commemorate its one hundredth anniversary and to honor its corps of volunteers. Tom Zetterstrom speaks about the civic symbolism of the elm in New England history. planting of the Sharon Hospital Elm
April 18, 2009 Art Gingert and Tom Zetterstrom perform long overdue pruning of elm at Cornwall Free Library. The 3 inch caliper elm was planted in 2003 and now has an 8 inch caliper.
April 9, 2009 Elm Watch, as part of its Tenth Anniversary, organizes sanitation pruning of its hundred year old, flagship elm on Baldwin Hill in Egremont, MA. Thanks to Haupt Tree Company for providing its superb climbers.
February/March/April, 2009 Dozens of elms among the 150 which have been planted by Elm Watch since 2001 are being pruned every year or two. The objective is to select strong branch unions and avoid narrow crotches which may be vulnerable to wind breakage.
2008 Calendar
December 9, 2008, 10-2:30 Tom Zetterstrom presents 'Pruning Young Elms' lecture to The Hotchkiss School Grounds Crew and Arboretum Committee. Hotchkiss has maintained an exemplary Heritage elm program for half a century. In the past three years, 36 Princeton elms have been planted. Pruning objectives demonstrated in the workshop included selecting dominant stem, subordinating competing leaders, reducing temporary branches with the goal of developing strong, branch union, classic form and 20 foot clear main trunk. Pruning Workshop Photo
December 4, 2008 Tom Zetterstrom works with the newly created Simsbury Tree Committee to develop mission, goals and objectives. Inspects Town Hall Elm Restoration plantings inspired by Tom's earlier Keynotes presentation. Post Card of Main (Hopmeadow) St. Elms
November 19, 2008, 7:30 Tom Zetterstrom presents "The American Elm Returns to the Community Forest", sponsored by the Greenwich Tree Conservancy, with the Greenwich Tree Warden, at the Bruce Museum Bruce Museum Press Release
October 18, 11:00 AM, 2008 Memorial tree planting for Attorney Catherine Roraback at her historic office, Canaan, CT. Lakeville Journal photo and article on Catherine Roraback Tree, 10/23/08
September, 2008 Colorado College Bulletin, Summer, 2008, expanded profile about Tom Zetterstrom's photographing and preserving trees of North America, including the American elm. Colorado College Bulletin profile with photo by Lisa Vollmer
June 4, 2008 American Elm in the Community Forest, slide lecture by Tom Zetterstrom Town of Simsbury, CT, Gifford Green Conversations
April 25, 2008 Celebrate National Arbor Day, (www.arborday.org) Various local American elm plantings in April and May. 19th Annual Arbor Day at North Canaan Elementary School, CT
April 25, 2008 Planting Princeton Elms on the historic Washington Rd elm allee, Princeton University, NJ. This allee was originally planted with Princeton elms in 1922, half a century before National Arboretum testing, and is today designated a National Historic Site Tom Zetterstrom assists Jim Consolloy, grounds manager Princeton University
April 26, 2008 American elm planting inn memory of author, naturalist and journalist Jonathan Maslow, Passaic, NJ. Family and friends gather to water and dedicate the Maslow elm.
April 3-4, 2008 Demonstration planting, installation of American Elm Arboretum and lecture by Tom Zetterstrom, National Conservation Training Center, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Shepherdstown, WV. NCTC poster for Elm lecture and planting.
March 31, 2008 Pruning elms planted 2002,2003,2004 in CT and MA. The intent is to select the dominant main leader, reduce and gradually remove competing leaders, and ultimately raise the vase shaped crown and develop a canopy above utility lines and architecture. Lakeville Journal photo and article 03/03/08
March, 2008 The early pruning of elm encourages a dominant main stem and a strong mature tree. Janet Kaufman and Anna Dibble prune 3 year elms in Londonderry, VT
February 21, 2008 1:00 pm "Elms in the Community Forest" lecture by Tom Zetterstrom at Litchfield Garden Club, Litchfield Community Center, Litchfield, CT, public invited (search litchfield garden club.org) Litchfield Garden Club Lecture
2007 Calendar
November, 2007 Tom Zetterstrom and North Canaan Streetscape Advisory Committee create "green" municipal parking lot treescape design featuring diverse native species.
October, 2007 Zetterstrom designs large canopy treescape for Shepherdstown, WV town center. The Shepherdstown Chronicle, 01/25/08, article and photo
October, 2007 Tom Zetterstrom designs an American Elm Arboretum on the campus of the National Conservation Training Center, US Fish and Wildlife Service in Shepherdstown, WV.
September 18, 2007 Historic elm restoration at the Lenox Library in Lenox, MA, sponsored by the Tri-Town Rotary (search tritownrotary.org) and Elm Watch. Berkshire Eagle, 9/19/07
May-December, 2007 Advocate and develop alternative design to include American Elms and large canopy trees in gateway streetscape design, South Street, Pittsfield, MA. South St.1912, photo showing elms at Berkshire Museum
May-August, 2007 Advocate and provide alternative design for large shade trees and increased soil volume at Great Barrington Big Y parking lot. Berkshire Record, 8/17/07
May 20, 2007 11:00am "The American Elm" film viewing at Millerton Moviehouse, Millerton, NY, American elm planting demonstration, hosted by Townscape. Millerton News, 5/24/07
May 18, 2007 2:30 pm "The American Elm" film viewing and discussion at Berkshire International Film Festival, Great Barrington MA. (search http://www.myelmstory.com)
May 17, 2007 Testify at Massachusetts Highway Department public hearing regarding South Street Treescape, City Hall Pittsfield, MA. Berkshire Eagle article, 5/03/07
May 4, 2007 Arbor Day Housatonic Valley Regional High School, White Oak planting, dedication, and launch of arboretum program. HVRHS Arboretum, illustrated map by Robin Cockerline
May 4, 2007 Eighteenth Annual Arbor Day North Canaan Elementary School, CT bird friendly garden installed in understory of American elm. Lakeville Journal 5/10/07
May 2, 2007 Streetscape Committee meeting at Pittsfield City Hall, MA to discuss inclusion of elms on South Street (front article 5/3/07 and editorial in Berkshire Eagle.) Berkshire Eagle Editorial supports Return of Elms, May 4, 2007
March 20, 2007 "The American Elm" film premiere, Washington DC Environmental Film Festival. (search myelmstory.org)
2006 Calendar
November 2006 18 American elms were planted among 74 trees in a diverse native treescape designed by Tom Zetterstrom and North Canaan Streetscape Advisory Committee.
June 21, 2006 Planting of a Princeton American elm at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA in celebration of Rotary International's Centennial, Tri-Town Rotary sponsor.
May, 2006 Connecticut Senator Andrew Roraback plants an American elm in Goshen with Elm Watch founder,Tom Zetterstrom and volunteer, Janet Kaufman. New planting
May 29, 2006 An elm planting commemorated the centennial of the Yale Summer School Music Shed in Norfolk, CT.
May 15, 2006 North Canaan elementary school students planted a "Valley Forge" American elm, marking the 50th anniversary of the school. Lakeville Journal 4/27/06
April 29, 2006 Sheffield Tree Project and Sheffield Kiwanis Club in cooperation with Elm Watch planted an elm at the Bushnell Sage Library in Sheffield, MA.
April 28, 2006 Great Barrington Steiner School students and parents celebrated their first annual Arbor Day with poems by students and a talk by Elm Watch founder Tom Zetterstrom.
January 17, 2006 Tom Zetterstrom presents "Return of the American Elm" slide lecture to Darien, CT Garden Club, and inspires formation of local tree committee and streetscape inventory.
2005 Calendar
October 26, 2005 Pittsfield, MA, Berkshire Museum Slide lecture by Tom Zetterstom, "Preserving and Defining Place in Berkshire in Landscapes and Streetscapes."
July, 2005 "Greening of CT Cities and Towns" is published by University of CT Press and highlights Elm Watch as a model community forestry organization.


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