Cross Country Movers For Small Moves Jacksonville, Florida

Moving can indeed be a burden especially when you have to think about all the bulk of furniture and other household items that you have to relocate with. There’s no question that moving is a pain, but generally we can all agree that there are times when it’s a necessary evil. Arguably, the most important single decision you will ever need to make when moving is to pick up a professional moving company that will fit into your relocation budget and will satisfy your individual shipment needs.

There is little doubt, after all, that packing garage tools and garden equipment requires much greater effort than packing clothes and shoes, for example. Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t have any troubles identifying the most time-consuming job in your moving timeline because, without a doubt, it’ll be the job of packing for a move. When it comes to moving house, there are two things that matter above all else:

  • Keeping the moving costs as low as possible.
  • Ensuring the safety of your items so that they arrive at your new home intact and unscathed;

Jacksonville, Florida Cross Country Movers For Small Moves

Why hire movers in Jacksonville, Florida?

Moving companies convey man benefits to those looking to move, supplying the manpower and equipment needed to hep you to relocate. When inexperienced people try to manage on their own regardless of the complexity of the issue or the severity of the problem in question, a lot of time, energy and money may be lost in the process without achieving satisfactory results. Think of the time it will take you to pack your belongings, load them into your car or rental truck, drive all the way to your new address, unload the cargo and move them into their designated place.

Should there be damage, accident or theft during the transportation, then, the insurance takes care of the cost. They ensure that your cargo does not get damaged while lifting, loading, or even during transportation. Most of the moving companies in Jacksonville, Florida 32202 are insured, and in case you lose your property in the process, the insurance company will help you get all your valuables. When you are planning your next move, consider reducing the enormous task by hiring a professional moving service to help.

How to hire the right Jacksonville, Florida movers?

You probably have a few friends who have recently relocated and can recommend a company, and there are plenty of movers’ ads online and offline. Most people you know have moved once or twice in their life, so ask friends, family and colleagues if they can recommend a company, or if there’s a company they don’t recommend. If you’re looking for a moving company to move you from state to state (interstate moving), your moving company in Duval County, Florida should have a US DOT number, which is a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation.

Before you even start comparing companies, list the qualities and features that are most important to you. Don’t be afraid to check a companies references and check their company policies to see how they deal with damages or other problems. It’s essential that the company see your stuff before they can give you an accurate estimate; rule out a company that tries to give you a quote over the phone, or tells you that seeing your possessions in advance isn’t necessary. If you do get a quote from a company that isn’t able to visit your home in person, be as honest and accurate as you can when listing your possessions, and don’t forget the contents of a loft or garage.

Is it necessary to tip movers in Jacksonville, Florida?

Just like most service-oriented professions (waitstaff, spa and beauty consultants, delivery people), the moving industry employs workers whose livelihood depends largely on the tips they receive from customers. Tipping is not mandatory, and you may tip as you like, the same way tipping is optional at restaurants and bars. Well, there are no set rules of course, but perhaps think about what you appreciated that they did, such as arriving on time and finishing punctually, staying a bit late at no surcharge to let you grab that one thing you forgot, or just doing their job exceptionally well.

Like any service industry job, they are being paid for their time, but if you are really happy with the service and the move went smoothly, it is good etiquette to provide them with a little extra so they know you were satisfied with their hard work. Your Jacksonville, Florida Cross Country Movers For Small Moves wouldn’t really mind getting bigger tips than they usually receive, but after all, it’s your hard-earned money, and besides, you’re most probably moving on a tight budget as it is. There are several factors that may affect the level of your appreciation:

  • complexity of the move
  • final moving cost
  • quality of the service
  • type of the move