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What can you do to help?
Your donation will allow Elm Watch to continue its mission and enhance our various community programs, including the following:
2. Adopt-an-Elm (Our Preservation Program)
Help insure the protection of designated American elms against Dutch Elm Disease by sponsoring their treatment through Elm Watch. For more information see the Preservation Program page.
3. Reduce the Spread of DED (Sanitation)
Work with your Tree Warden, Community Tree Committee, and Private Arborists to enhance your community forest by encouraging the removal of infected elms promptly. DED is highly contagious and almost always fatal. See the Outreach Program page for more information.
4. Plant Disease-Resistant American elm cultivars (Our Restoration Program)
Help restore the American elm to your community’s streets and public landscapes. Sponsor an American elm planting through Elm Watch. See the Restoration Program page.
5. Join (or Form) a Community Tree Committee
Partner with Elm Watch in your community—see our listing of active Tree Committees or form one in your area! To get started, send an email to
6. Host an Event
Have an Elm Watch representative present our slide show "Return of the American Elm." Please e-mail Elm Watch for more information on scheduling and fees at .


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